Mr Joe B. Carvalho (2014) Review: Laugh While It Lasts

Mr Joe B. Carvalho

2014’s release saw Arshad Warsi pulling his comedic detective role in a classic charisma but it failed to kick start the new year in any way. Joe B. Carvalho probably started off as a big dream which by the completion of the movie had lost its flow and became stale. Though the movie is going to fail at the box office and garner negative reviews, I personally feel that it has lots of originality and is funnier than thought. though, you hardly require your brain but the movie is fast paced and not the run of the mill comedy. You cannot simply force funny down someone’s pharynx and that is what Arshad and team does. It has tried imitating Sherlock in the most desi way possible and then the writer has read lots of Nancy Drews and hardy boys and then wrote a script which loses its mental balance in all the ‘comedy of errors’ which Shakespeare profoundly invented.

With Jolly LLB which disappointed ones guts, Arshad has taken a dig at common sense and partially won, for the rest of the jest-watching Mr Joe at work was fun but weary at the same time.


Arshad Warsi , Vijay Raaz, Javed JaffreySoha Ali Khan, and Abhishek Bachchan

Mr Joe B Carvalho (IMDb | Wikipedia) OVERVIEW

Mr Joe B. Carvalho is a Bollywood comedy film which released on January 3, 2014. The film is directed by Samir Tewari.




A detective (Arshad warsi), who can chase any case and a female police officer (Soha Ali Khan) are investigating a dreaded villain, Carlos (Javed Jaffery), a lollypop-sucking international terrorist in drag; a moneyed Khurana (Shakti Kapoor) whose daughter has eloped with a bawarchi supposedly double her age; and a certain underworld busybody called MK (Vijay Raaz), who has been roped in to queer the pitch.


While everyone else in the cast unabashedly hams it up in an attempt to be cartoonish, they lose grip on their characters. Soha Ali Khan does a Salman Dabangg Khan send-up and Warsi could have chosen a better script, as always. He is a talented actor with very poor sense of choosing movies which would showcase his acting prodigy. πŸ˜› First-timer Samir Tewari is a director of errors and he should haul back to whatever job he had before directing half baked comedies. They say, a director can turn a bad movie into good and Tewari just made a bad scripted movie worse. The other supporting cast is inflammable material-all waiting to complete- thier -roles -and- get back- to- their- vans kinds acting. Geeta Basra as Gehna is enticing while Karishma Kotak as Neena, Ranjeet as Anil Virani, Himani Shivpuri as Joe’s Mom, Manoj Joshi as Commissioner Pandey are pathetic. Kunal Khemu in a Cameo Appearance tells you a lot why he cant get any movies with centralized acting and so he tails around Soha.

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“Chumma Chaati” by Amitabh Bhattacharya is something new while the title song is catchy. Virag Mishra has tow other songs which I didn’t bother to consider music as they are merely boring and unnoticeable.


Jo bhi karlo but don’t expect anything and then go for it. Its a good time pass but not worth tickets more than 120, seriously (don’t ask whats with the calculation).


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