Coco (2017) Review: A Spectacular Story that has a Heart & Feelings!

Pixar’s Latest “Coco” General Overview

“Coco” is the latest animated film released by Pixar. It discovers the culture of Mexico, demonstrating the importance of family and its past. It consists of a big chunk of humor, a little history of Mexican traditions, a huge amount of light, and many unpredictable moments. This is not the story that you can read a short overview of it written by or some reviewer and pretend that you know what it is about. You have to watch it, to hear and feel it to realize the depth of the plot.

Coco (2017) Review

Meaningful and really nice plot

The animated movie tells us the story about Miguel, a twelve-year boy that lives in Mexico. He has a big family that is run by a grandmother. This family has its own shoe-business, and every member is involved in it. Miguel loves music, he is keen on playing guitar, and he wants to be a musician. The problem is that in his family any kind of music is banned. That is why the young boy has to keep his talent and his dreams under the secret. Once, when his guitar is broken and nobody wants to lend him a musical instrument, Miguel decided to borrow a guitar that belonged to Ernesto De La Cruz, a famous musician ever. But, when he touches the strings, something supernatural happens – he finds himself in the Land of the Dead. Now, he has to escape this place before dawn or he will stay here forever.

A wonderful course of events

At the first sight, this animated movie is a kind of adventuring story with a bunch of distinct characters. However, the main accent here is on the family relationships and the problems we encounter in our ways of loving each other. It is possible to understand the real depth of the idea only at the end of the story. However, you cannot just skip the most of the movie, watch the end, and understand what it is about. The story is built carefully and very consistently. The actions that are taking place on the Land of the Dead is interlaced with the actions in our world, and the actions from the family’s past. This film does not look like a separate story; it seems that it has a deep history and all those characters really existed before.

Animation and sound effects are at a height

Unbelievably attention to the details brings this movie to the top of its genre. Everything here looks amazingly real: generously lightened streets, picturesque houses and squares, people, and even the nice-ugly dog. It is insanely detailed and there are specific shots of city structure, streets, and cobblestone walkways that just look photorealistic. It feels like creators thoroughly elaborated every tiny detail, making the movie gorgeously animated. The music in the movie is just wonderful. The guitar work, the singing, and the passion that those songs are performed with. It all sounds very beautiful and it seems to be the heart of the story. That is why it is impossible to stop watching it.

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In conclusion, this film is dramatically rich, it has many good surprises from a story standpoint. It has many appreciated characters, and a good message about family love inside. “Coco” is a very beautiful and touching story that will wrap everybody in it. Despite the fact that it is an animated film, it will be interesting for every age category. This movie definitely worth the time to be watched.

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