Most Popular Anime TV Shows

There is no denying the present popularity of Japanese Animation (anime) thanks to its quirky entertaining characters, catchy soundtracks, imaginative worlds, and the simply entertaining nature of this genre. Anime TV shows skillfully combine elements of comedy, drama, action, and adventure all in one place ensuring there is always something for everyone. Despite the animated nature and magical realism that characterize anime, some of these shows portray realistic scenes that are highly relatable to the real world. Over the years, numerous anime tv shows have been created but out of all these, there are those timeless ones that have dominated the anime world for years and continue to attract even more viewership today. Below is our collection of the most popular anime tv shows of all time.

Most Popular Anime TV Shows

Pokémon anime

Pokémon, an abbreviated version of the Japanese title Pocket Monsters, is undoubtedly the most popular anime series, especially for western audiences. The plot revolves around the legendary adventures of Ash Ketchum and his partner Pikachu who start their journey in the world of Pokémon and dream of becoming Pokémon masters. Along the way, Ash works his way through the ranks of the numerous Pokémon leagues and advances all the way to the final where he competes with Allain, a member of Team Flare. The show first aired in 1997 and currently has 21 seasons with 1035 episodes under its name. The popularity of this anime can perhaps be affirmed by the popularity of the video game Pokémon Go that was released in 2016 and became a center of attention for numerous months.

Dragon Ball series

In every practical sense, Dragon Ball is one of the best anime tv shows of all time that became a global phenomenon with a much wider audience both in the east and in the west. This intriguing series established Akira Toriyama’s status as one of the greatest anime creators of all time. The series is full of hyper-kinetic martial arts scenes and dizzying spectacles of serial escalation and violence that makes the show far from boring even for entry point anime newcomers. Out of the many seasons of the series, Dragon Ball Z was the most fascinating of all and it helped the series transition from just a national treasure into a world-renowned anime tv show.

Fairy Tail

Fairy tail is a relatively modern Japanese manga series whose first episode was aired in October 2009. Since then the series has gained a lot of fan-following mainly due to its exciting mixture of magic, anger, sadness, laughter and a boatload of fighting scenes. The series is deeply imaginative, thought-provoking and inspiring to the audience as the protagonists are able to fight through many obstacles and hardships thrown their way without giving up. The series delivers some surprisingly touching moments and keeps viewers hooked to the screen as they marvel at how the characters pull through various predicaments that befall them. Fairy tail is definitely worth watching by any passionate anime lover and what’s more you can find the full series from the earliest episode to the latest together with its reviews on

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Death Note

Death note is one of those few short series that despite its relatively short span, gained instant recognition worldwide mainly due to its enthralling plot. The series follows a relatively simple yet fascinating narrative with the protagonist being the complete antithesis of the typical good guy/ stereotypical hero that many viewers are used to. The series is very unique in that it follows a dark moral theme and ventures into a realm that few others have dared to go. It was voted as the best anime of all time in Japan and due to this, numerous live-action adaptations and remakes of it have been produced. However, the original series that aired between 2006 and 2007 still remains the best version and we would highly recommend you to consider watching it.

One Piece

This is a legendary anime tv show that aired its first episode in 1997 but still remains firmly popular today with over 430 million copies sold. One piece is a highly entertaining show that enchants its viewer with fascinating stories, imaginative scenes, and amusing characters. The gist of the show oscillates around a valiant 17-year-old boy who leads a crew dubbed the Straw Hat Pirates in sailing a world dominated by vast ocean surface in search of a legendary treasure, “One Piece.” Acquiring this treasure would qualify him to be named the King of the Pirates. However, in the process of this undertaking, he is constantly challenged by fellow would-be pirate kings and consequently forced to pick up new crewmates along the way to help him shoulder the challenges. The series provides all kinds of fun and will keep you busy for long as it’s one of the 25 longest running anime of all time.


Naruto, the anime tv show, describes the story of Naruto, an interesting shinobi man who wants to attain the title of Hokage. The narrative starts off as a rather normal story but it quickly develops into a poignant and touching story. Naruto, together with his co-characters Sakura and Sasuke, work as a team and begin facing conflicts in their local area before moving onto greater challenges beyond. The show follows a series of thrilling adventures and experiences that these three go through in the quest of attaining their individual and societal goals. Naruto was incepted in the early to mid-2000s and has grown immensely in popularity and fanbase with over 220 million copies sold. It definitely deserves to be heralded as one of the most popular anime shows of all time.

Anime tv shows are one of the best tv shows both for entertainment and even for educational purposes. They not only portray the unreal and imaginative world but they also share great insights and experiences that can be of great help to one’s life. Hopefully, the list above has introduced you to some of the highly acclaimed anime that you can check out.


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