5+ Reasons Why Movies Are Better Than Books

It’s a war which never ends! At one side there is always a Harry Potter fan who will abide by his/her books, and on the other hand will be a movie buff who would give fair competition to the book nerd! Both will lock horns on any new book-to-movie adaptation and gore will fly! But at the end of the day, movies (films) are always better than books (novels) because of the following factors:

Why Movies Are Better Than Books

Reasons Why Movies Are Better Than Books

1. Time

So tell me, who has time go through 600 pages of a Harry Potter book? I mean people do not read anymore, and even if they do, trends in reading have changed. They prefer to read a summary or may be watching a video on the topic, but no one would be crazy enough to read a 600-page book just to know what Marauder’s Map attributes were? Time is money these days, and after such hectic schedules, people hardly get time to read.

2. Environment Friendly

Yes there are E-Books to cover that part, but then there are still many crazy book nerds who “love to collect books”. They go crazy as soon as a book is launched. I mean, it’s better to watch a movie rather chopping of trees to publish one. Create a movie collection rather than having so much bulk paper which will rot away one day!

3. More Engaging Activity

You can only read a book alone! But when you watch a movie, the experience is different and amazing. You can plan out movie day with friends and family, order great food and watch. Now, have you ever seen or heard having a book day out? Plus book reading is a sacrosanct exercise. There are no two people reading together a book. Even if there is, then there are book clubs for discussion. Otherwise, people always prefer to read alone.

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4. Let’s Watch Again?

It’s tough to read the same book again and again. Whereas one can watch a movie again and again, as many times as the person likes. There are some classic movies like Shawshank Redemption which I may have watched almost 5o times but never got bored of it. And not just Shawshank, imagine Godfather series, reading the book Vs movie series. Yes, the movies the freaking amazing and they have made up my many lonely weekends. But one would avoid reading Godfather book series on the weekend.

5. Too Much Detail

Honestly, books are too much detailed. For even a simple object as a sky, a book might have a 4-page introduction for it. This can make any one crazy! Movies, on the other hand, don’t get into too much detailing. But that doesn’t mean movies ignore it too. They only showcase the most important and exciting parts in 2-3 hours. And that is all the beauty! Everything crisp, to the point and in fact covering all the main areas of a book too. Harry Potter series hardly missed much out in their movies. Some of the areas were tweaked to fit in 2-3 hours, but if JK Rowling is not complaining, what’s your problem?

6. Songs As Cherry On Top

If there were no movies where will you get those peppy dance numbers or those amazing romantic songs which you sing and dance on? Books can give you ideas and words and profound insights into humans, but not peppy numbers which you believe it or not, are a necessity these days! Have you ever set ringtones or downloaded background scores of Game of Thrones out of a book? You just proved how important role movies play in filling up your shuffles and mp3 players.

7. Visualization Is Better Than Imagination

Book readers claim that while reading, they imagine the words taking form in front of them which in-turn makes book reading enjoyable. Some people are imaginative and can imagine Hazel saying goodbye to Gus in Fault in our Stars. But we prefer that Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort enact that scene for us so that we can cry too, just like book nerds claim to when they read the book!

Overall, people have their preferences. We never judge book nerds, but then let’s not create a ruckus if a great movie is being made out of a great book. You can also check out why books are always better than movies and series article as well.

5 thoughts on “5+ Reasons Why Movies Are Better Than Books”

  1. Hello Shreya,
    Its really amazing to read your thought .My Cousin had a Debate on this topic but he had won the Debate Competition ,by Reading your article and some more thanks So much for your article keep sharing this type of article more

  2. When you say movies are more environmentally friendly, you’re taking into account all of the factors that go into making a movie, right? Like gas for driving cars, flying actors and staff to different shooting sites, creating sets, explosions, and even electricity used to power huge special effects teams, right? Yes, books cost trees (hence ebooks, as you pointed out), but I find it very difficult to believe that the enviromental impact in producing a multi-million dollar movie is less than printing a bestseller.

    • Except for me personally I can read a book quicker than I can watch the show or movie…for example ouat, 13 reasons why, to all the boys I´ve loved before, Divergent (all three books in less time to watch all the movies), THE HUNGER GAMES (do you know how long they made those movies???) and to the author watching a movie more than once has a tendency to be more annoying in comparison to reading a book multiple times for myself personally and many other ¨book nerds¨


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