Big Fan Of Disney & Pixar Movies? We Got A World Map For You! Wait.. A Map?

Ever wondered how beautiful the locations of each Disney and Pixar movies are? Just like heaven, but I’m sure you haven’t been to Heaven yet, but you can see where each movie took place. Devianart user theantilove created this lovely world map for Disney & Pixar movie lovers.

Disney & Pixar movie map

Credit: theantilove | [HQ IMAGE]

These are not the exact locations, but Smith made good research on deciding them. She re-watched the movies get clues regarding their location based on wildlife, backgrounds or landscapes. Then she compared them to the real world.

Smith said, “I made my final selection based on what location made the most sense given all the data. And in a few cases, I had to consult the original source material the movie drew upon.”

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