Best Movies About Cryptocurrency!

You can divert your thoughts from the news of the new Covid-19 wave while relaxing during the New Year holidays by viewing a decent movie here and there. This collection is geared for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, while some of the titles may appeal to others as well.

Best Movies About Cryptocurrency

This is our list of 5 cryptocurrency-themed movies and series that paid homage to this innovative industry, whose most well-known ‘product’ is Bitcoin, but there are others, such as Tether, Litecoin, and others, that can be used for both illegal (dark web) and legal (paying for things, purchasing, betting at best Tether casinos at…) activities.

Bitcoin Heist

In 2016, a Vietnamese fighter-movie with kung fu, shootings, quests, attractive men and women, and a luxurious lifestyle was released, all set against the backdrop of a Bitcoin adventure. A hacker known as Ghost steals millions of cryptocurrencies, escapes detection, and prepares to conduct his most heinous crime.

Interpol attempted all formal procedures but was unable to apprehend the Ghost. One of the special agents decides to employ unlawful tactics and assembles a group of expert hackers – a sort of “suicide squad” – to stop the hacker.

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Malcolm, a teen from Inglewood, a threatened Los Angeles neighborhood, is the protagonist of the 2015 film. He aspires to attend Harvard, but the guidance counselor believes he has little chance.

He finds a massive supply of ecstasy, a pistol, and an iPhone in his backpack after visiting an underground party – the adolescent is involved in drug trafficking. To make ends meet, he and his friends set up a website where they may sell drugs for Bitcoin. See if Malcolm can get out of this situation and attend Harvard.


This film was released two years ago and is a financial thriller. Martin works in the financial industry as an anti-money laundering expert. He was sent to audit the provincial bank in the city where he grew up after he was demoted for diligence and honesty.

The city has evolved: a neighborhood bar now accepts Bitcoin, and a childhood acquaintance now owns a mining farm. Martin stumbles onto a multimillion-dollar money-laundering scheme involving a local art gallery. Images are sold for bitcoins by con artists. This is the most difficult and perilous task he has ever undertaken. By joining it, he crosses the Russian mafia’s path and puts his own family in jeopardy. The film’s cast, which includes Beau Napp, Kurt Russell, and Luke Hemsworth, is a significant positive.


A 2017 Finnish psychological drama that examines the perils of modern life. This is not a lighthearted film. It follows the parallel stories of four unrelated characters. Kari, an intelligent police officer who will soon become a physicist, has a complicated connection with a cellist; Janne, a young, skilled rapper who shoots; Harry, an elderly banker lamenting the death of his wife; and Mika, a cell phone dealer who dreams of transformation are the first four stories.

They all wind up in a banking office on a mining farm. Bitcoin, however, won’t make them happy.

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

Finally, we added the TV show to the list. The German adolescent series, which premiered on Netflix in 2019 and will run for two seasons, is based on true events. Maximilian began selling drugs from his bedroom in 2013, and after two years, he sold illegal substances worth 4.5 million euros. He was a professional who dealt with darknet, IP addresses, encryption, and bank accounts with forged passports, among other things. In 2015, the man was apprehended and sentenced to seven years in jail.

Maximilian’s true narrative didn’t translate well to the screen because the student rarely left his room. As a result, the show’s creators transformed him into Moritz, a young schoolboy. His heart had been torn since his girl had gone to a drug dealer. Moritz vows to become the trendiest drug dealer in town in order to repay his love. He runs narcotics trafficking over the Internet, of course, for Bitcoin, with his best friend Lenny, a terminally ill man. The fundamental interest of the series is whether Moritz will be able to reclaim his sweetheart and avoid going to jail. The series is short: each season has six 30-minute episodes that can be watched in one evening.

Despite the aggressive action, the series is instructional – the drugs are pure evil, people feel awful about it, and others don’t want to follow Moritz’s path…

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