Best Movies About Formula 1 Racing!

Considering that now is the time when Covid-19 has stopped many jobs and activities, even in industries that can rarely be disrupted by disasters, and we mean the film industry, let’s use this time to watch some cult movies. Like, for example, movies with the theme of Formula One. 

Best Movies About Formula 1 Racing

In the last few years, and we talk about the time before the pandemic, a couple of good Formula One films have been made, but there are also classics like “1996 Grand Prix” and “Ferrari: Race to Immortality”. We’ve listed several movies, 9 to be precise, older and newer, and it’s up to you to choose, and maybe watch each of them if you like to follow the races of this sport full of adrenaline or bet on it on F1 betting sites at

1996 Grand Prix

This film is the story of a fictional season of Grand Prix races with action scenes and dramas made out of love stories. The movie was partly shot on the tracks during actual Formula 1 races and is also an Oscar winner. 

The “1996 Grand Prix” will definitely evoke the golden age of motorsport and entertain you with dramatic action scenes.

Ferrari: Race to Immortality

“Ferrari: Race to Immortality” depicts the golden period of the 1950s when Ferrari stood out in the world of motorsport. The film depicts tragedy and celebration side by side with Enzo Ferrari (the founder of the Ferrari automobile brand) in the spotlight. 

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Telling the story of how Ferrari became legendary, the documentary highlights the rich history of motorsport intertwined with drama and success.


“Heroes” is a film about the lives of five motorsport legends. Among them are a two-time Formula 1 champion Mika Häkkinen, Le Mans legend Tom Kristensen, the only female WRC winner Michèle Mouton, former Ferrari driver Felipe Massa, and Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher. 

The movie shows their best and most difficult days and their journey through the life of motorsport.


“McLaren” is a story about the life of Bruce McLaren, accompanied by original footage and testimonies of people who knew him. The aim of the film is to show the New Zealander’s dedication and devotion with which he inspired the people who worked for him. 

The story follows his very beginnings from his native country all the way to his impressive days in motorsport.


“Rush” is a movie about the clash of Niki Lauda and James Hunt for the title of Formula 1 champion in 1976. The film shows key moments in the careers of famous rivals. Thus, the film tries to portray the then way of life led by Formula 1 drivers. 

One of the dramatic scenes of the movie is the accident of Niki Lauda and his brave recovery and further struggle.

Life on the Limit

This documentary highlights how difficult it is to balance adrenaline and safety in Formula 1. 

The documentary’s scenes are a combination of archival footage of Formula 1 and interviews with a multitude of racing stars. Some of them are John Surtees and Lewis Hamilton, who talk about the dangers of Formula 1, their past, and present.

Weekend of a Champion

The 1971 documentary covers a Formula 1 weekend in Monaco with Sir Jackie Stewart. 

The documentary gives spectators a glimpse into the lives of Formula 1 drivers during Grand Prixs, from the gravity of the races to the light moments of pleasure, thanks to the unprecedented access to the star himself.


This film is a combination of new and archival footage that aims to portray the life of the Williams family. The movie also shows the development of the Williams company. 

The plot of the film follows the very beginnings of Williams, the life of its founder Frank Williams and his successor, daughter Claire Williams. Interviews with Nigel Mansell and Sir Patrick Head are also included in the movie.


This documentary follows Ayrton Senna’s life from 1984 until his death in 1994, and includes a lot of previously unseen material. The film shows in more detail what the personality of the Brazilian was like and how much respect he gained from his rivals and people in general in his life. 

A movie that every Formula 1 fan should watch.

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