Exploring the Endless Possibilites of “Andhadhun (2018)”

This is just my observation from the movie and exploring all the possibilities of the endings and twist considering the point that each frame in the film has some importance. This is “Andhadhun (2018): Movie Explained!” and you can share your thoughts in the comments below after reading.

What is Life? It all depends on the Liver.

What Is Life? It All Depends On The Liver Andhadhun (2018)

Let’s start with the first frame “What is Life? It all depends on the Liver.” This is the central point of the story, the doctor’s idea of selling the liver of Simi (Tabu) for 6 Crores to a Sheik in Dubai.

Simi’s Cornea and Liver Transplant

When Akash (Ayushmann Khurrana) narrates the story to Sophie (Radhika Apte), you can see the car crossing a tree.

Andhadhun (2018) Simi's Cornea And Liver Transplant

So this marks the end of the story and the doctor donates Simi’s liver to The Sheik and gets 6 Crores. Akash gets 1 Crore. Simi undergoes a test for Cornea and if it matches with Akash they complete the eye transplant surgery. He then moves to London and continues to play blind so that he can concentrate and focus on his art.

Murali’s Death and Organ Donation

Well, here there is another case what if Simi’s cornea doesn’t match with Akash. In this case, he might get the cornea from Murali. There is a frame where nurse declares Murali is dead and Sukku can choose to donate his organ. So here doctor communicates with Sukku and tests for Cornea. Akash gets it done and then he moves to London.

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Andhadhun (2018) Murali's Death And Organ Donation

The rabbit in the beginning scene and hunter might be a different one and doesn’t have anything to do with the story. Akash selecting rabbit stick might be just a coincidence. You need to assume it as per this narration. 😛

Everything is clear at this point, Akash completes his narration but Sophie asks “And then?” Here is the point where things turn, Akash explains a continued story (Probably a different one.)

Akash – The Good Guy

Andhadhun (2018) Akash The Good Guy

Now Akash continues the narration, in this frame, the car stops right to that tree. Simi kills the doctor and then tries to kill Akash but he got saved by the Rabbit. Simi dies and Akash then takes a bus to Mumbai. A friend helps him to get to London.

Simi’s Daughter (Daani) Frame

This is one of the interesting frames, where the camera zooms into Pramod’s wall painting and then emotional Daani enters the frame talking to someone in mobile. Here she might be talking to Akash, where he reveals everything to Daani. From the beginning of the film, there are no friends for him, so the only friend now Akash have is Daani. So, Daani might have helped Akash to London and also get his cornea transplantation done.

Andhadhun (2018) Simi’s Daughter (Daani) Frame

Someone at the scene (maybe the hunter) might have told Akash that he got saved by the Rabbit. So as a tribute he’s using a Rabbit stick.

Akash Never Lost His Eyesight Completely

This is one of the interesting theories which I and my friend discussed at end of the movie. There was a shot where Akash dips his face in the bucket, you can the see damage was with one eye and the other eye relatively looked better. At first instance it looked like, the other eye was completely alright.

Andhadhun (2018) Akash Never Lost His Eyesight Completely

So going by this theory, he was never completely blind and can partially see. After Simi kills the doctor and the Rabbit saves Akash. He spotted the Rabbit and so as a tribute he carried the Rabbit stick. In this case, the cornea transplantation may or may not happen, in either of the case Akash kicking the can at the end is justified.

They might be several questions in this case, why Akash didn’t escape from Murali and Sukku or why he let Simi go free from the chair, etc. The possible answer to all these questions is that after Sophie leaves Akash, she never knows what happened, so the story Akash narrated to Sophie may or may not happened exactly.

Though this ending might sound ridiculous but there is a possibility for that.

Accidental Trash Can

Andhadhun (2018) Accidental Trash Can

All these theories started because Akash kicked the trash can, which opened the doors of the possibility of getting his eyesight back. What if he just did it by accident, not by intention. 😛

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