Privacy Policy

Anything that can identify you directly or indirectly is what we call information. By indirectly, we mean something that isn’t a direct information but can be used to extract information from it, it can be your name, email address, address, phone number, fax, or any other relevant information. It is basically used to regard to you, it makes you an identifiable person. In other words, it helps people to differentiate between you and any other person, it sets you apart from the crowd.

Our main motive is to collect the information provided by you and to use it and then use them to provide you with the best of services which will, in turn, help us to maintain our website. All of this is done when you provide us with a PII and we collect them, the PII, for example, may be provided to us, when you create a new account, log in to the previously created account, submit a request to the site or even when you post a review of our site. You should be clear about the fact that the posts, comments or reviews that you provide to our site can be viewed by anyone at any given time because they are all public posts. In fact, we may or may not share the posts you provided to our site and then it will be viewed by a third party too. Hence, we just want you to make sure that the posts or comments you share with our site aren’t really private, in fact, they are all public and that is why you should be sure first before sharing anything on the post.

Although, whatever PII you share with us will be shared with only a limited number of relevant and important circumstances. This can be understood by the example that when your login to the website using Facebook, we may receive some of your PII and then we can very well share some or all of the PII received by us with the service providers who help us to smoothly run our business.

Whenever you create a new account or even log in to a previously created account using any social media like the Facebook or something else, then the information that you provide to these third-party websites are subjected to the privacy policy of those third parties and you should go through them thoroughly. In any circumstances, we do not endorse, control, or have any kind of responsibility for the privacy policies of these third-party websites.
The “non-personally identifiable information” is basically the type of information which is collected by the site automatically it is the information which is gathered by the site, for example, it is how you land up on the site and the information that you collect from the site. This basically helps us to understand the number of visitors that we have.

The pieces of information stored by the website on your computer system are basically called as the “cookies” of that particular website.

Our main motive is to protect your information and privacy but we also do not make any false promises. We want you to know that none of the internet transmission provides you with a complete privacy. You should be sure before you share any sensitive data or information that shouldn’t be shared.