Gone Goa Gone (2013) Review: Zombie Fest In Bollywood Style

Gone Goa Gone

Impressive concept. Unexplored and enthralling to put forward the audience. Zombies are a relatively new phenomenon in Hindi cinema. Go Goa Gone is a savagely funny take on the mythic cult of zombies.


Vir Das     Pooja Gupta     Saif Ali Khan

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Go Goa Gone is a Bollywood zombie comedy film directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. The film features Saif Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu, Vir Das, Anand Tiwari and Puja Gupta.



You will learn a lot about zombies, if not anything. It’s an informative movie, after all. 😉 It’s also a satire. It’s all daraawana too. Horror runs. Though it doesn’t make you feel afraid, I was afraid of one thing – that was in which genre should I put this movie into?


Luv (Kunal Khemu), Hardik (Vir Das) and Bunny (Anand Tiwari) are your regular city Joes. After having a frustrated twist in their life, the trio gravels up a rave party plan in Goa. A never-tried-before, newly imported super drug served in the party turns them into zombies. Mean and blood thirsty zombies. With deadly adventurous, a savior was guaranteed (its Bollywood, babe!) and it comes in the form of the cool blonde-dyed Saif Ali Khan aka Boris. The fun has just begun.

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Peppery and with a pinch of ‘assault’, the performances are pitched at just the right flavor of fright. Kunal khemu makes an exceptionally interesting zombie, rather than any role he ever did. He is insanely good. Anand Tiwari has nourished well. Somebody had an accent problem, Vir Das. But he is quick and swift. I had never believed Saif Ali Khan will really take up a role like this. Blonde dyed and so illogical. But he has done a commendable job. His screen presence got me, out of the blue. If there was somebody whom I could take back from the zombie fest- it was his performance. Puja Gupta has a cute and sexy role. I had watched her clutch that crown some years back and now I know, she could make that crown worth it. She really is beautiful.


“Slowly Slowly”by Jigar Saraiya and Talia Bentson is gooood. “Khoon Choos Le”, “Babaji Ki Booty” and “I Keel Dead Peepal” are funny and peppy. The lyrics are insane.

The worst part of the movie is logic. Drugs are turning men into zombies now. Without a hint of an explanation as to why and how? How in the name of God? Let the geeks in the lab know too (who are after something like this for too long now). Unexpected histrionics and the chase shootings are so bumped up that you had not enjoy the movie in the sense the director wanted you too… but what the heck! It’s still is new and uncomplicated. Entrancing and absorbing is how the story unfolds. With A certif. on its forehead, due to the amount of blood spilled and drugs brewed to make up zombies from hell… Hindustani cinema zindabad! The movie offers a sequel for a thought too.


Watch it to decide whether you need one or not. Or you could just live with it and not spoil the moment of fun you just had with the non-humans inside the sound proofed theater.

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