5 Netflix & Chill Shows You Need to Watch

Netflix has become the most popular streaming platform in the world, with hundreds of shows and movies available for watching online. However, some shows managed to stand out, having received positive feedback from critics and viewers alike.

We narrowed down our list to five shows that you need to watch either alone or with friends and family. All of them are available either on Netflix or on some of the best IPTV 2019 sites. Let’s check them out!

Netflix & Chill Shows You Need To Watch


Dark is a sci-fi series set in a small town in Germany where unusual things happen, starting with the disappearance of a teenage boy. The show follows several families living in the town and documents their efforts to find the missing person.

The town was actually built for workers of a nuclear plant that was shut down several years ago, but it plays a huge role in this show that also involves time travel and alternate realities. It is a perfect combination of The X Files and family drama. Also, we get to see the same town in a couple of historical periods.

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Dark gained immediate popularity worldwide, and Netflix included it in its offer right away, making this masterpiece available to its users. The second season is on its way!

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is an ode to the 80s pop culture that has become alive and popular once again thanks to the show. Arcade, D&D, bicycles, and adventure-filled childhood are just some of the trademark features of this show, but it is not all fun and games in the Stranger Thing universe.

Much like in Dark, the setting of this show is a fictional small town in the 80s that is located near a suspicious research center, where mad scientists managed to summon otherworldly creatures that bring terror to the residents of the town.

The main characters are geeky friends who join forces with a girl called Eleven who had been a rat lab in the research center and possesses some really cool superpowers. Using the knowledge that they gained by playing games and reading comics, the youngsters try to fight the evil demons and save not only the city but the entire planet as well.

Black Mirror

We live in the day and age where technology is taking its toll on us, and we are one step away from sliding into madness and total destruction as a society. Black Mirror is one of those shows where every episode is a story for itself, but they all have one topic in common — the destructive behavior of our society supported by technological advancement.

Every episode will cause a severe mind distortion, making you realize the potential threat that we all face on a daily basis. The dystopian atmosphere of every episode is dwelling in the back of viewers’ minds, causing a sublime terror deep inside them.

House of Cards

Starring the legendary actor Kevin Spacey, House of Cards is a story about politicians and their willingness to do anything to seize political power. It is a real-life version of Game of Thrones, with every battle settled by plotting and securing a network of connections.

The show masterfully portrays events that happen behind the curtain; in most cases, we are aware of those events, but we accept them as an integral part of the political scene. The show was launched in 2013 and ended in 2018, offering an excellent overview of political games.


The second part of the 20th century was a turbulent period for the country of Colombia whose citizens struggled to get rid of drug lords, including the most infamous one — Pablo Escobar. Narcos follows a CIA agent Javier Peña in his effort to find more about narcotraficantes, with his primary target being The King of Cocaine himself who was causing quite a stir in Colombia, even attempting to become the president.

El Padrino and his cartel are the focal point of the first two seasons of the show, after which Peña starts working on his second case related to the Cali cartel — Medellín cartel’s ‘business successor.’

The show ended after the third season, but an equally successful spin-off was created. Narcos: Mexico focuses on Mexican drug lords and the CIA’s involvement in putting a stop to drug trafficking in North America.

If you are interested in some old-fashioned action combined with elements from gangster movies, as well as cop movies, you will like this show. It is a perfect and objective overview of the events that continue to trouble some of the countries located in the south of the US.

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