5 Interesting Hollywood Remakes Of Bollywood Movies

You may have heard of many Bollywood movies that are remake of classic Hollywood movies. Recent example for this case is Bang Bang which was the direct copy of Knight and Day. There are many Bollywood movies which are either remake of Hollywood movies or are “highly inspired”. While the world is making the fuss about how Bollywood remakes Hollywood movies, let’s see the other side of coin. Yes, Hollywood also remakes Bollywood movies and here we are with top 5 Hollywood Remakes of Bollywood.

Hollywood Remakes Of Bollywood Movies

5. Pearl Harbor (2001) – Sangam (1964)

Pearl Harbor (2001)

Yes, the remake business goes back to 90s. Pearl Harbor was criticized for its name as it was more about a romantic love triangle rather than Pearl Harbor incident. Both Pearl Harbor and Sangam movie are about a love triangle between two best friends and a girl. Both the movies involve Pilots and planes with only difference is that in Sangam only one friend was a pilot and in Pearl Harbor both the friends were pilot.

4. Fear (1996) – Darr (1993)

Fear (1996)

No one can forget the epic acting done by Shah Rukh Khan as a stalker. Apart from having, direct English translation of name, the Hollywood version also shows stalker carving the girl’s name on his chest as done by SRK in Darr. The biggest difference in the movies is that in English version stalker becomes the boyfriend while in Hindi Version, the stalker didn’t get the girl.

3. Leap Year (2010) – Jab We Met (2007)

Leap Year (2010)

Both the movies are about a bubbly and talkative girl who is on her way to propose his boyfriend. In both the movies, the girl meets a down on luck man and they ends up staying in a hotel in one common room. They fall in love and separates. Both in the Hindi Version and English version, the girl and both meets again and reunites. Still, the creator of Leap Year claim it is not a remake. Well, decide for yourself.

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2. Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! (2004) – Rangeela (1995)

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! (2004)

A girl who is confused between his best friend and a famous movie star. No, we are not talking about Rangeela. We are talking about Win a Date with Tad Hamilton in which a loser has to compete with a famous famous movie star to win a girl’s heart, a story similar to Rangeela.

1. A Common Man (2013) – A Wednesday (2008)

A Common Man (2013)

While most of the movies we discussed above are either inspired or have some minor changes in plots. But, A Common Man is an official remake of Bollywood masterpiece, A Wednesday. The Bollywood Version starred Naseerruddin Shah while the Hollywood version stars Oscar Award Winner Ben Kingsley. The English version won many awards including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor at the Madrid International Film Festival.

If you still think that it is only Bollywood that copies from Hollywood, we are sure that this post may have changed your opinion. If you know of any other Hollywood Movie which is a remake of Bollywood one, do let us know in the comment section.

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