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A Little History

For many people enjoying a game of Bingo is a way to pass some free time playing and chatting with friends and catching up on all the gossip, and generally having a laugh whilst being in with the chance of winning some extra cash.

The Lotto game has featured through the ages in many variations from Beano being one of the older forms of Bingo. It was this carnival game that gave birth to the modern version of Bingo and was played with a few dried beans and cards which had numbers written on them. Ancient lotto games are generally believed to be the ancestors of the modern game, and they proved very popular amongst Europeans, with the Germans using the game as an educational tool for their children.

Now we can enjoy the game of Bingo and its variations not only at a Bingo Hall but online as well. Remember that if you are going to play online that do some research to the quality of the site you are thinking of playing at. Sites like Betway Bingo are well respected in the industry, are safe and secure and fair to their players, plus they have some of the best chat hosts available.

Bingo and Movies

Bingo seems to pop up in the Movies too with the name Bingo being used in quite a few. Take Beach Blanket Bingo for example. This Movie is a 1960’s comedy which stars Anette Funicello, Linda Evans and Frankie Avalon. Based on the classic love triangle this beach movie features a ton of rock n’ roll songs and has plenty of sub plots including mermaids and motorcycle gang antics.

Bingo And Movies

Another Movie is Bingo which was made in 1991. This film named the main character Bingo and it happened to be a dog. This family comedy is about a circus dog who runs away (because he is scared of fire) then ends up saving a little boy’s life. The boy is called Chuckie and is rather a loner and he and the dog become firm friends but when the family move to another part of the country Bingo is not supposed to join them. Directed by Matthew Robbins and produced by Thomas Baer. Matthew Robbins won the Best Screenplay Award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1974 for The Sugarland Express, and he also worked with Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Guillermo del Toro and Walter Murch besides enjoying some cameo appearances in Close Encounters of the Third Kind and THX 1138.

Another comedy with Bingo in its title is The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings. This comedy sports film is based about a team of enterprising ex-Negro League baseball players in the era of racial segregation. It’s loosely based upon William Brashler’s novel of the same name and starred the amazing Richard Pryor, James Earl Jones and Billy Dee Williams. Released by Universal back in July 1976, Billy Dee Williams played Bingo Long. This is an interesting film as some of the situations are based (again loosely) up some real life individuals and incidents.

So there we have it, Bingo as a game a name and in the Movies, it appears that it is going to be around for a long time to come!

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