Watching Movies Via Your Android Device

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The smartphone is incredibly important to many people due to the multitude of apps that are available for free or for a nominal fee. Apps personalise our mobile devices that make them an extension of ourselves so it is no wonder that we get very upset if something happens like us losing our phones or breaking them.

Watching Movies Via Your Android Device

There really is no other portable device that is as compact as our smartphones and portability is probably the biggest feature that keeps us returning to the store each time a new device is launched. We can tailor-make our devices to suit our individual requirements whether it is planning our next trip, saving the world from alien invasions, monitoring our health or even enjoying some spare time playing at an online casino like Gaming Club online.

One thing is for certain if you do enjoy a bet now and again you can expect your mobile phone to offer you excellent quality both in graphics and audio, plus because of Wi-Fi speeds there is no chance of crashing whilst enjoying your game, and if by any chance you had to go, well the games today carry on where you left off once you log in again.

Because the screen is so much bigger in smartphones, playing games or even watching movies is now far more entertaining than it used to be, and there are some top-notch apps for you to download in order to access your fave movies.

On this page we are going to look at some of the Apps available to Android users simply because whether you are an iOS user or an Android users it’s good to get the best out of your device in order to make it worth you buying it in the first place.


Crackle is a great app that is simple to use. It boasts an easy to navigate user interface so that means you can browse your movies, show and TV serials simply. Crackle also supports TV streaming in order for you to be able to watch movies on the bigger screens. This app is free to downloads, but you will not be able to download the movies that are available already online. One of the best in its class.


YouTube has remained unaltered for years with all types of videos being present in it data base, and that include movies. Not each and every movie is available, but there is still a good choice and with the YouTube app you can watch movies and videos on your Android without the need of all those movies applications. Usually YouTube is pre-installed to your device and it is well worth taking advantage of.


Yidio is only currently available for new devices but is thought to be one of the best movie apps for the Android. Yidio offers free movies and the app has a good navigation menu, an advanced search box and good filters. There is also a request feature which allow you to ask for movies, receiving notification once that movie is available. There are also TV show available via the app.


ShowBox is a very popular apps for Android smartphone users with movies, TV shows, reality shows, and a whole lot more ready to view via the app. ShowBox is very user friendly with an easy to use navigation set-up. You can also use the app to stream third party websites without any trouble at all. If your device is high-end then the app is HD supported, and if you do not have a smartphone you can still download the movies that you want.


Flipps HD is far more than an android movie app. With Flipps HD you can view any viral video, listen to music, and stream movies not only to your phone but also to your TV, you can also stream simultaneously simply and quickly. Free to Android users.

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