The Unfaltering Devotion Of Fans For Their Favourite Celebs!

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With the out bursting flow of entertainment in Bollywood, actors and actresses are not only praised for their outstanding performances, they are also incurred with immense love and devotion by their dear viewers. In real time fans not only love their talented stars, but they become devotees of them that too with full zest. We all somewhere and somehow form a fandom of our reel life heroes. Genuinely, for a cinema lover, Bollywood has become a sort of religion to worship and celebrities more or less are treated as Gods. Mumbai, which is the city of fulfilling dreams has become an aficionado spot in our country where one can find thousands of fans following the stars anywhere and almost everywhere.

Devotion Of Fans


The craziness at its best!

  • Apart from this, fans hold the crush on the celebrities of B-town and wish to be their partners in dreams may be.
  • Almost all Bollywood hotties and cuties get marriage proposals every now and then from their fans who often turn out to be somewhat creepy in their deeds.
  • For an instance, one of the finest leading actresses of B-Town Sushmita Sen once received a marriage proposal along with the bridal attire for real marriage.
  • But it is an undeniable fact that the diehard fans can do the craziest of things for the celebrities. Just tell them that their favourite star is nearer to them and they will leave their entire busy schedule in one go to have a glimpse.
  • Their love won’t end here; then their urge increases more towards touching them just once.
  • Dudes and girls get tattooed with their role models of fashion from our Bollywood industry. Many of us can see the tattoos imprints on the fans’ shoulders, backs, hands etc. Copying their fashionable clothes to hairstyles we Indians are never at the back end, in fact, they top sometimes.
  • Social media is full of fan clubs and groups which are formed just to show grand love possession. Celebrity aficionados often change their names or name their children in the name of their beloved celebs.
  • One more example, as once a samosa wala in Mumbai came in front of Amitabh Bachchan’s house with a truck fully loaded with samosas asking him just to touch the samosas so that he can distribute it in his locality in the form of “Prasad”. Really, fans in our country can do anything for the celebrities.
  • Places are even dedicated by fans whether it’s a restaurant in the name of darling SRK or Sallu Bhaijaan.

One cannot forget to mention that even look-alikes of celebrities are even privileged by this. The list of unpredictable and incredible love by the fans for their superheroes will never get to an end. But at last, Indians devote themselves completely to the film industry. Therefore, fans always wish that it gets flourished and more entertaining in the upcoming years.

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