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Where does the title Oceans 11 come from? Well, the hero of this story is Danny Ocean, and he along with ten other criminal types decide to pull off the biggest casino heist in history ($150 million). That’s an awful lot of money. The largest real life casino heist is believed to have occurred in Perth, Australia 2013 and seems to have been an inside job. It involved a lot of security camera watching, and two casino employee’s relaying the information to a high roller at the card table. Of course unlike Danny Ocean this lot got caught although none were prosecuted. Because no money had left the casino, the two employees were dismissed, and the high roller deported to his home country.

Ocean 11 was made on a budget of around $85 million and grossed $183 million in the United States and $267 million overseas. A worldwide gross of $450 million. Three times the value of the movie heist. If there is a lesson to be learned here it is a crime does not pay but making movies about it does.

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Steven Soderbergh went on to direct two more sequels to Oceans 11. In Oceans 12 the same team needs to pay back all the money they spent or go to jail. You can guess how they decide to raise the dosh. The Ocean 13 plot is a little more complexed. The guys are no longer in this for the money… this time it’s for revenge. The movie is great fun, and we get an added bonus. Al Pacino is the bad guy they are trying to get even with. As if this movie does not have enough stars!

Now listen up. The word on the streets is the next movie is a sort of remake of the original Oceans 8. Presently in production, the new movie has a new director and a female cast. Sandra Bullock among others. Things will never be the same.

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