The Art Of Trailer Reviewing And How Not To Waste A Watch

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Some people have the habit of watching/reading a review first, every time before they actually catch up with the flick.

Some wait for their friends to recommend them the trailers and they watch only if the titles or the actors call them to.

Some never watch the trailers and risk it all on a third person reviews or just go to the popcorn corner straight.

Be that person who knows what he is looking for and if 2-3 hours of your life with the hassle of buying the ticket, spending your hard earned money and important of all – not getting disappointed should be a basic aim for all movie goers, unless of course you are too uncaring for your 2—3 hours or you earn your money the easy way and don’t mind wasting your temper on a bad, suck screen fest.

The art of selecting a movie’s worth, rating it and knowing what it can offer lies in the trailer. That’s why trailers are for. Not to just advertise or give the audience a heads up – but to let you know the synopsis of those 2-3 hours in 2-3 minutes. The art lies in both – making a trailer, which believe me is equally difficult as making a movie – you can sell your sulky movie with a good snippety trailer or suck a good movies worth with a not-so-good trailer roll.

The Art Of Trailer Reviewing And How Not To Waste A Watch

Audience love mysteries. Thrill and they love the soundtracks buzzing through some awesome dialogues handling down a count head of all the people who are in the movie, their characters catching up with the closing seconds of the trailers, where exactly you gain the audience. You know who is in the movie, who is in its making, what kind of goofiness the music has set in – which would further make you Google the songs or zindabad or SoundCloud or whatever (These sites basically attribute their success of songs to good trailers of songs and movies), what the story theme is, what the movie’s USP – the stars, the songs or the acting, where was it all filmed and know this – lesser the location, more the sensibility. A trailer is a bible. It is sacred. One noted actor pointed out that he was more nervous on the release of his trailer rather than the movie. I believe him. That’s how it should be.

These days there is a competition to race course the trailers to number 1 slot because they just don’t show the audience a trailer’s popularity, they tell the movie makers if their movie is going to be a blockbuster or what. Now, I am not saying that movies with a perfect 10 trailer views become hits but, the probability of success exclaims that in most cases.

The Art Of Trailer Reviewing

Now what you had to do exactly is, to not go to the theatre, sit for the first 20 minutes and start yawning or blaming your stars to watch something you had never ever…

First – Start the habit of watching trailers.

Second – Evaluate. How? Know your limits, likes, dislikes & your experimenting status and mood and risk level… now there isn’t a criteria to actually zero down on what exactly you got to look for or how is this art exactly to mastered? It’s all about enjoying a good trailer and booking your tickets or watching a trailer, know this – if it doesn’t hold your attention for more than half of the trailer’s total timing or the trailer is what Delhi girls call “so-so”, just freaking wait for some magic to happen which tells you that the trailer was bull but not the movie. Or thank your stars that you are saved and wait – there is so much in store. It never ends.

Third – Trailer reviewing is about knowing who is behind the making of the movie. Always – give chance to the newbie’s in town, take risk but as far as Ram Gopal Verma is concerned or Bhatt camp or YRF camp – you exactly know what’s in store – so avoid or choose at your own instance.

Fourth – The art is that it’s all about your understanding power and concentration. Watch a trailer. Watch it again with some friends. Get opinions if you are unsure or don’t understand. And remember – watching a trailer by accident and loving it is like finding a gem and if you ever watch a trailer more than once – watch the movie for sure but never regret if the movie didn’t turn out to be as good as the trailer – you will learn and get better with time.

Some movie focus all their energy on all the good parts of the movie – so much so that there isn’t new in the movie, which you will realize if the trailer tells you everything and you don’t have any questions at the end of the viewing. Some trailers pick up crucial scenes and that mash up are tricky, because it gives you glimpses which make one curious. Know this – curiosity kills the cat, so unless you can’t hold off – watch the movie or just appreciate the trickiness and DVD the crap out later on. The trailers, each of them – always have something new. They stand out in terms of the path they cave in – some cave in audience’s heart while some touch and go. Some stay and some fail incredibly well for you to search for the erase button of your memory. This is such a casual art – an art which is not by any terms an art and still is. Trailers are a preview of the movies. They are meant to be viewed, be sure of watching the movie – nevertheless, always check out the trailers – I am not endorsing trailer viewing here but letting you know that watching trailers is actually a good time pass as well as it never would kill you to spare those minutes.

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